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Zhakathoom Mara can be a lot of things: The temptress demon of Buddhism. A Hindi godess of death. Any number of flowing rivers. A vampiric queen of the undead. The invoker of nightmares. A Greenland mountain, or perhaps a Romanian chain of supermarkets.

But it also obviously means "Great flippin' heavy stoner rock from Sweden"!

Great album :D
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Doomlobbyn Extremely heavy Sabbath smelling classic style metal from swedish Mara. A really good album worth checking out. Favorite track: Greed.
Colin M.
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Colin M. Imagine "Sabotage" era Sabbath slowed down with the heaviness cranked way past eleven and you have a decent starting point for the awesomeness that is Mara. Favorite track: Extinction.
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FDJ Slammin' collection of doom/trad metal tunes from Sweden. Rifftastic grooves, clean gritty vocals and a ton of fiery fret wanking.
Full review here........
stonerking1.blogspot.co.uk/2015/08/mara-self-titled-album-from-swedish.html Favorite track: Turn The Tables.
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released August 30, 2015



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MARA Sweden

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Track Name: Maran
The bells of doom roars like thunder
In pitch black sky
Tonight she will come
And there's nowhere for you to hide

She rides an black ox
A demon from ancient times
Smelling your fear
She will hunt and cut you down

Dark night
No sight
Choose side
Or fight

No sight
Dark night
It's your time
Die now
Track Name: Greed
Wealthy bastards
With no compassion
Blinded by greed
They don't see their own destruction

Exploiting and devastating
Mother Nature
Destroying ecosystems
And all of its creations

The children of today
Will be the ones who will pay
Because of our careless ways
Track Name: Thunderdrive
It's firesky and my tires cry
Full speed into the night
Worshipping the riff
In tons of steel
In thunderwagon on the highway with me

Free your mind

Driving fast
And taking chances
In my electric machine
With the king of acid
Buckle up and hold on
Cause where going to another dimension

Take the ride
Track Name: Apocalypse
Poisonous rain
Dripping down in my eyes
The drops melt my skin
And the fumes melt my mind

The water is black
Colored by our betrayal
The sky looks like fire
Like a burning chaos
Track Name: Turn The Tables
Open your eyes
Leave the enslaved mind
Release your soul
Meet the spirit of the wild

Until we all are free
We're stuck in misery
It's time to turn the tables
Take back what's yours and mine

Will burn them
Who control us

Raging flames
In eternity

Can save them
From this fate

Their selfishness
Becomes their end
Track Name: Extinction
Her children where skinned
While they still where alive
By ten heartless men
With guns and knifes

Her family was slain
In front of her eyes
It's just a matter of time
Before it's her time to die

This is an slaughter
Of innocent lives
An unfair game
In a world built on lies

How long will it take
For us to realize
It's time to wake up
And to open our eyes
Track Name: Possessed
Can't move , Can't breathe
Is this real or a dream?
Screaming in fear for what to come
But can't make the slightest sound

Your body is paralyzed
There's a pain in your chest
Something's taking you over
You are getting possessed

Falling deeper
Into your new dark future
Your soul is lost
And can never be found

One last
Terrified shout
A horrible cracking
And all your teeth falls out